Tutoring Services from Cindy Downes

Cindy Downes homeschooled her children from PreK-12th grade. After her children graduated, she returned to college and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Oklahoma State University. She tutors students in grades 3-12 privately in the summer and at Cornerstone Tutorial Center during the school year.

Private Tutoring in the Broken Arrow/Tulsa Area

Private Tutoring in Summer only. Available subjects:

  • English Grammar and Composition, Grades 3-12
  • Math - Elementary through Algebra I
  • Remedial Reading
  • High School Biology

Instruction is in my home in Broken Arrow. Cost is $45/hour or $25/half hour. I will travel, but travel time will be added. You may schedule one hour per week or as many hours as needed.Contact me at cindy@me.com with your name, name and age of student, tutoring needs, phone number and time to call.

Tutoring at Cornerstone Tutorial Center (2014-2015)

Cornerstone Tutorial Center offers homeschool families a variety of high-quality academic and elective classes for grades 3 through 12. Classes are offered "a la carte," which means that families choose one more classes that fit the needs of their students. Depending on the classes chosen, students attend class one or two times per week and parents then supervise work that needs to be completed on the other days of the week. For tuition costs, more information or to register, see the Cornerstone Tutorial Center website. Registration is available in June and August.

Cindy is tutoring the following classes at CTC in 2014-2015:

Biology (Tues & Thur. 8:30-9:55 am); Gr. 9-12. Exploring Creation with Biology is a Christian-based, rigorous, college preparatory course in Biology that will cover most of the textbook at a rate of one module every two-three weeks. Topics covered include cellular function, DNA, classification, genetics, creation vs. evolutionary theory, ecology, and organisms from Kingdom Monera, Protista, Fungi, and Animalia. Because the course is difficult and not all children learn the same, the material is presented in a variety of learning styles including PowerPoint presentations, videos, lectures, hands-on activities, labs and worksheets. This will ensure the success of every student who does the required homework. Grades are based on class participation, labs, homework, and test scores. This will fulfill one year of high school Biology. Class size is limited to 16.

Composition I (Tues. 9:55-11:15am); Gr. 7-9: Composition I is a continuation of Junior High Composition and a prerequisite to Composition II. Students will review sentence and paragraph structure before moving on to writing one to two-page compositions. Writing projects include a memoir, a news story, a travel guide/product review, an academic report, a short piece of fiction, and a five-paragraph persuasive essay. During class, students will participate in journal writing, practice specific writing techniques, and review grammar skills in the context of their writing. This will fulfill the composition requirements for one year of high-school English. There will be homework. Class size is limited to 16.

Composition II (Thurs. 9:55-11:15am); Gr. 8-10: Composition II is a continuation of Composition I and a prerequisite to Composition III. The emphasis of this class is on the five-paragraph essay. Students will learn and practice the skills needed to choose a topic, write a thesis statement, organize an essay, and add supporting documentation. MLA style will be introduced. During class, students will participate in journal writing, practice specific writing techniques, and review grammar and mechanics in the context of their writing. Compositions will be two-four pages in length. There will be homework. This will fulfill the composition requirements for one year of high-school English. Class size is limited to 16.

Online and Distance Learning Classes

For online classes, click HERE.

Testimonials from Clients:

Cindy Downes has been wonderful asset to our kids education. Our daughter Katie was hesitant about enrolling in Biology last year but soon realized that Mrs. Downes was a very fun and committed teacher who understood all styles of learning. Our daughter also took Marketing and Beginning Composition with Cindy last year. Because of a great experience she had, our daughter wanted to take more classes from Mrs. Downes and is now studying Intermediate Composition. Mrs. Downes is able to see what each student is capable of and encourages them to do their best. She somehow draws out each students' strengths that even they didn't know they had. Cindy is an encouragement to our family and is a shining star in the homeschool world. Thank you Mrs. Downes! ~ Wendie Oestmann, Yale, OK

Cindy was like a ray of sunshine that my daughter really needed to see! Cindy gave my daughter the confidence and positive attitude that really helped my daughter realize that she could be a good reader! Camy also looked forward to meeting with Mrs. Cindy and getting a new letter from "Manda Panda". Tutoring with Cindy was a great experience and I will go to her first when ever we need tutoring again!
~ Lauren Burns, Jenks, OK

If your child is struggling or falling behind in school, I highly recommend tutoring with Mrs. Cindy for your child. My daughter fell behind in math and did not pass the state mandated EOI Algebra I test. We started tutoring over the summer and in four short months my daughter retook the EOI test and not only passed, but got a 93%!!! I can honestly say that this would not have happened without tutoring from Mrs. Cindy.
~ Michelle Tennant, Broken Arrow, OK


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